Eager tourists checking in at the new gateway into Ha Long Bay


Only 2 days to travel to Ha Long must make many young people regret not being able to explore the whole land here. The sharing of travel experiences in Ha Long in 2 short days will help you solve this problem.

Pleasant, splendid, and extraordinary were how tourists described their visit to Ha Long Bay, a World Heritage site, on the opening day of Ha Long International Cruise Port, an inland port – marina.

The inland port – marina Ha Long International Cruise Port was inaugurated shortly before Vietnam’s Reunification Day, April 30. Despite the holiday’s unceasing rain, the place was packed with Vietnamese and international tourists. Annie from Hong Kong, one of the firsts to board a vessel from the brand-new port to Ha Long Bay, expressed her excitement: “The moment I set foot in the terminal, I was stunned by its elegant and modern design. On top of that, the smile and the welcoming guidance of the staff always give me a feeling of contentment. Anh our hotel is located near the port, so it is really convenient to travel to other tourist attractions in Bai Chay or Hon Gai”.

The stunning architecture is not the only thing that the terminal has to offer. The well-structured layout of the terminal with a separate guidance center allow travel agencies to conveniently update tourists on the latest information about their schedule and destinations.

Thanks to the magic touch of the famed landscape architect Bill Bensley, tourists can enjoy a spectacular and unforgettable show of a lush atrium with water, lights, music, and greenery at the heart of the terminal. “We have just returned from Ha Long Bay. The terminal felt warm and cozy despite the bad weather! The cafés and the water fountains in the atrium are incredibly extraordinary”, said a group of young Uruguayan travelers as they capture photos to treasure every moment of the trip.

Even tourists from Italy – the World Capital of Fashion and Architecture – are astounded by the terminal’s design where “Romantic Classicism meets Modernism”. Mr. and Mrs. Matteuci said eagerly, “This is our first time in Vietnam and my wife insisted that we visit Ha Long Bay. We did not expect this modern terminal to be a part of our trip. Our favorite sight was the atrium with water fountains, it was so luscious and relaxing!” From the floor tile designs, the colorful ceiling panels, the vintage chandeliers to different picture frames on the walls, and all of other details of the terminal depict hidden stories about 19th-century sailing adventures. Conquests of the Mediterranean and the Americas that were only seen in movies are now brought to life with manifold decorative features of the terminal.

The passenger terminal does not only fascinate tourists with its magnificent architecture, but it also offers diverse and unique experiences with its charming cafés and souvenir shops. Mr. and Mrs. Ritesu from Singapore chose Ha Long to be their destination in their first trip to Vietnam as it is one of the must-see New Seven Wonders of Nature. The couple confessed their “love at first sight” for Vietnamese coffee, “The terminal has a classic yet contemporary look. I was captivated by the aroma of roasted ground coffee at the coffee shop nearby, so I had to try it for myself immediately.”

A diverse collection of souvenirs is also offered in the terminal, such as decorations, artworks, fine arts wood products, ceramics, scarves, brocade, etc. These sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing products are handpicked to meet the demands of all visitors.

Locals also gravitated to the place during the first few days to check in and share their pride in Ha Long – the home to Vietnam’s first specialized international cruise port that can accommodate both domestic and international visitors. Many young locals chose the place to take yearbook photos and make lasting memories with their friends.

The inland port – marina consists of four modern wharfs that can accommodate up to 300 cruise ships to Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Gia Luan Harbor (Cat Ba). It is also capable of serving large ships, sightseeing ships, night ships, and large speedboats. The port is situated at the heart of Bai Chay Tourist Site, next to the Sun World Halong Complex – an entertainment and recreation cluster, the beach, and the sea lane. It takes only five minutes to arrive in Ha Long market and Quang Ninh Museum from the port. With its first-class service and exceptional design, the inland port – marina Ha Long International Cruise Port promises to be a public’s preference and is expected to welcome thousands of visitors every day.

For the latest updates on the schedule to Ha Long Bay, please contact the hotline: 0328 225 699 on weekdays (from 5h-19h).